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Originally built by Francis Nicholson Darke as a fortress for his beloved wife Annie, Stone Hall Castle brings an incredible Medieval European experience to Regina, Saskatchewan.

The history surrounding this castle is as intriguing as its original owner. It is a little known fact that the original Darke residence, located where the Hotel Saskatchewan stands today, was damaged during the devastating cyclone of 1912, which tore a path through downtown Regina. Legend has it that his beloved wife Annie was so shaken by that event that she pleaded with him to build a home where she could feel safe again. If it weren’t for this natural disaster, this castle would probably never have been built.  In his early sixties, with the children all grown, Darke set out to build his Annie her fortress. He resolved to use the most durable building materials to withstand Prairie cyclones. With cost being no concern for the wealthy Darke, he imported the exact limestone used on the Regina Legislative Building – an action unheard of in its time for a local residence – and work began.

In 1926, Darke, with the help of the finest masons, carpenters and artisans of his time, delivered on his promise to his beloved Annie and presented her with a  solid stone fortress complete with stone roof and  bomb shelter in the basement.

These are just a preview of a few of the many incredible rooms in this 10,000 sq/ft castle. You simply must come to see it for yourself.


A treasure downtown Regina.  Worth way more than the price of admission!  Words don’t really do justice, the amazing paintings, stonework, furniture, the list goes on and on.  The guided tour is a lot of fun.


Excellent Entertainment!!!

The outside of the building is deceiving looks plain, then you literally enter an authentic medieval world of stone walls, paintings, hallways and all the furnishings of an old castle indistinguishable from one in Europe!

dougbesplug Regina, Canada

Fully Interactive

Awesome tour! The stuff Jason’s done so far is nothing short of amazing! For anyone even remotely interested in knights, castles and that general period I highly recommend this one! Fully interactive (“go ahead, sit in the chairs! Lay on the beds! take pictures till your memory card is full!”) and this gents passion & detail into what he’s doing is nothing short of remarkable! Can’t wait to see what the next evolution in the process will bring! Thanks again for having the vision & means to create what so many of us dream about sir!

Troy Bojarski

An Incredible Experience

This castle simply cannot be described or shown in pictures. The level of detail that has gone into it is almost unbelievable! It’s one of the most amazing things in this city. Just go see it!!

Justin R, Regina, SK

Staying the Night and Special Events

Staying at the Castle

The castle has 4 unique, unforgettable experiences available for staying, starting at $1,495/night. From the ultra-luxurious, spacious Master’s Chambers – complete with stone hot tub, fireplace, kitchen, and more, to the loft Servant’s Quarters, Princess Suite, or Wench’s Quarters. All suites have their own washrooms and cable television with some suites having their own kitchens and laundry.

All suites include access to the castle dining hall, library, state-of-the art home theater room, and their own assigned servant, with airport pickup/drop-off available.

HONEYMOON SPECIAL: Book the Princess Suite for your special wedding night at 1/2 price ($747.50). Request a Booking below

Wedding or Corporate Bookings

The Castle may also be booked for special corporate events or wedding photos that you will never forget!

Birthday Parties

Book an unforgettable birthday party.

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Rooms Available for Staying the Night

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Stone Hall Castle is located on the North West corner of College Avenue and Cornwall Street across from the Darke Hall, in Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA.
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